Powerhouse Arts is a not-for-profit based in Gowanus and Red Hook, Brooklyn, established to create a robust platform for art production and employment in the arts. We are stewarding the redevelopment of the former Brooklyn Rapid Transit Power Station in Gowanus to create a new facility that will house fabrication and production facilities in wood, metal, ceramic, textile, and print. Our programming includes education, employment, and public engagement to increase access and opportunity for participation in the arts for all New Yorkers.

We believe that people are an infinite source of creativity.

— We make art in many forms, collectively and individually.
— We are curious listeners, courageous experimentalists, creative problem solvers, and we love what we do.
— We seek the advice and assistance of others and we thrive working in teams.

We believe that social justice incites cultural power.

— We are accountable to each other and the people we serve.
— We stay open, we communicate, and we welcome differences of all kinds.
— We believe that culture thrives where justice flourishes.

We believe that people make power.

— We believe that people are an infinite source of creativity.
— We believe that people are the heart of our work and together we can make anything possible.
— We believe in the transformative power of art.

Staff We are a team of people with special skills and individual talents who work together to support the needs of working artists. Meet the Staff
Careers We are currently seeking candidates. View open positions on our Careers Page.
Our Future Home The design for Powerhouse Arts reimagines the 116-year-old power plant to create a new contemporary art center that meets the multidisciplinary needs of artists it serves. More on Our Future Home
Organizational Development
Learn about the planning, research, and thought-partnership that has shaped Powerhouse Arts’ programs and vision through the materials below.

On the Needs of Working Artists

From 2016-2018, as an extension of our commitment to creating a need-responsive platform for art production and employment in the arts, Powerhouse Arts collaborated with Triple Canopy to undertake a comprehensive Research and Development initiative with the goal of understanding the stated needs of contemporary artists and arts administrators across New York City.
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People-Centered Hiring Practices & Philosophy

In 2019, Powerhouse Arts engaged Yancey Consulting to help design people-centered Human Resources recruitment and employment strategies that model the organization’s values. Out of this work grew a new hiring process that we have implemented with our newest hires.
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Powerhouse Arts Yearbook

Each year we take stock and reflect on our accomplishments over the last fiscal year. This compilation of featured projects, growth milestones, and organizational highlights is consolidated into an annual yearbook authored by the Powerhouse team for posterity. The current report covers fiscal year 2020, the period from July 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2020. Read More

A Vision Forward: Powerhouse Arts’ Vision For Impact

In 2020, Powerhouse Arts also collaborated with Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative (BDAC) for a visioning residency and social justice learning laboratory. Through the partnership, we implemented an approach to a participatory action framework, social justice pedagogy, and socio-cultural theory which culminated in a living document and institutional resource, A Vision Forward: Powerhouse Arts’ Vision For Impact.
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Developing A Flexible Graphic Identity And Website Design For A Growing, Need-Responsive Organization

In 2018, we entered into a process of creating a new graphic identity for Powerhouse Arts. The creative brief was both simple and challenging: to develop a design that was adaptable to the organization’s ongoing needs, as our programs, building project, and teams of staff grow and evolve, yet reflective of the process of “making” at the core of what we do. Read More

vozarrón: a culture column that critiques and celebrates

vozarrón is noise, a word used to mock the voice of a matriarch that speaks boldly, seeking attention and care for her community. The word highlights the “rough” qualities of a voice and deems it too “manly” or too “loud.” It’s a voice that is not delicate or shy, but is often undermined and ignored. Yet, it is persistent; repetitive. It is a sound that expresses the needs of a community in spaces that neglects them. It is often the plea for care, attention, and justice, but one that also carries a bassed laughter and a strong yet goofy character that laughs at itself. A voice that celebrates and demands.

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